Pimp your raspberry pi audio

Pimp your Raspberry Pi Zero, 4, 3, audio with a wide selection
of affordable hight quality cards with microphone, speakers and more.

High quality audio DAC

Plug the jack or RCA to your stereo or amplified speakers. Could be used for high quality audio for home entrainement systems, using Raspian, Volumio or for art installation.

MIC + V2
Powerful built-in speakers

Our gold offer, we added a high sensitivity microphone. Could be used for all voice project such as Google voice assistant, Alexa and Open source alternatives.

This is the loudest onboard speakers on the marker with an impressive 5W stereo.

Audio capture and more

No cables or soldering required plug it and enjoy the included onboard speaker and on board stereo microphones.

Or use it with external stereo microphone and line-in, output are heaphones or amplified speakers 1.3W.

Hifi 60W speakers

Revive Your Speakers: MEGA AMP, the High-Power, Affordable Solution for Transforming Your Passive Speakers into a Hi-Fi Experience

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