Modular Midi Controller

Modulox are magnetic modules that snaps together to built
a midi controller surface that you really need

An infinity of apps for music

Highly sensitive, this module is perfect to control step sequencers or make rythms in live sessions.

Those sliders are perfect to control volume or cross-faders. 

Highly versatile with his push endless encoders, this module can control almost evrything, from effects to track controls, arpeggiators and even scratch jogs !

How does it work ?


Snap your Modulox to create your midi surface controller. Up to 3 and to 16 with our Modu-Plug.


Connect your Modulox to your computer via USB and visit our online software to program your midi surface.


Now… Play !

We propose three different models fully programable with our free online software :

1- Midi-out (jack)
2- Magnetic connector male, connect up to 16 Modulox with our Modu-Plug
3- Use the USB Midi standart to connect your Midi Modulox surface to our computer
4- Magnetic connector female, connect up to 16 Modulox with our Modu-Plug
Use presets of all major music creation software : Ableton / Sonar / Base
Item compatible with Mac / Linux / Chromebooks / Chrome extension / Led color / Midi note
Small sequencer 64 steps / 4 channels for each
Configure all modes such as sampling, bitbox ... customize the colors of leds with our free online Modulox editor.

Thanks to  Nay-Seven  for this live featuring 2 Modu-Knobs and 1 Modu-slide :

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