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NEW Pi Audio Drive the 3in1 HAT for Raspberry Pi5

NEW in pre-order the MUSE RADIO

ESP Muse

ESP Muse is not just another bluetooth speaker, you can download any
custom application on it. Just use one of our remade app as you will do on your phone,
or programme it yourself using the Arduino IDE.

Raspberry Pi audio Sound Cards

Pimp your Raspberry Pi Zero, 4, 3, audio with a wide selection
of affordable hight quality cards with microphone, speakers and more.

We are a bunch of engineers and a designer. We are products makers. Life is too short to make boring products !
We love industrialisation and trying new things, we want our products to be accessible for all.

We are based in France and ship internationnally form our distribution centers in Europe and USA. Thus we are able to deliver quickly at the best price.

Olivier is an engineer with a passion for electronics, he is the founder of Raspiaudio. Olivier takes care of electronic design, industrialization and marketing.

Gaëtan is an engineer and musician with good mathematical skills. He built several synthesizer projects for the community.

Louise is our apprentice engineer who is a fan of manga and martial arts. She is learning to master the ancient art of 3D modeling as well as electronic conception.

Louis is an engineer with specific skills in the field of low-level coding. He is an expert in micro controller and Linux project.

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