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Do you have Artificial Intelligence project ? 

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 Electronic services :

  • Specialist of audio electronic.
  • From prototype, small batches or mass production.
  • Intergration of devices on mobile applications or client server application.
  • Multplatform approach : ESP32, RaspberryPI, STM32.

Electronic products showcase :

RASPIAUDIO & Philharmonie de Paris: The Evolution of “Boules de Temps V2”

In a groundbreaking collaboration between RASPIAUDIO and the Philharmonie de Paris, we present the enhanced “Boules de Temps V2”:

  • Purposeful Innovation: Originating from the Philharmonie des Enfants, this electronic device enhances visitor experiences by indicating their allocated visitation time, seamlessly integrating into the museum’s ambiance.

  • Technical Excellence of V2: This advanced iteration is designed with precision, refining its operations based on the Philharmonie’s specific requirements, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and impeccable functionality.

  • RASPIAUDIO’s Expertise: As leaders in consumer audio electronics and embedded systems, RASPIAUDIO ensures that the “Boules de Temps V2” is not just efficient, but also reliable and durable, standing as a testament to the fusion of art and technology.

Experience the confluence of artistic vision and technological prowess with the “Boules de Temps V2”.

Sizing, choice of technologies, taking into account industrial constraints / Hardware, Firmware and embedded software development (ESP32 – STM32 – Raspberry pi Pico RP2040 and other Linux systems) / Mechanics / Prototyping, testing and fine-tuning (3D printing capacity and resin) / Launching a production line from one to hundreds of thousands of units. 

From the idea to the mass production of electronic solutions for the professional and consumer markets, we support our customers in all stages of their projects.

As a designer, manufacturer and seller, we put our ideation, production and distribution process at the service of your brand. 

Benefit from our unique expertise on one step or on the entire process. Thanks to our partner network, get functional prototypes in less than 4 weeks. We are specialists in frugal engineering.

Our approach:

SLA 3D printing prototype

Our approach:

We also sell electronic products! Contact us if you want to adapt and customize some of our creations to your needs.

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