🚀 The Future of Interactive Holograms is Here with HOLOBOT 🌟

Brought to you by Hyperhol in collaboration with Raspiaudio, HOLOBOT represents the cutting edge of holographic and auditory technology. This is not just a step into the future of digital interaction; it’s a leap into the possibilities of personal assistance through holography.

  • Turn key solution cutting-edge holographic assistant for innovative corporate reception.
  • AI-driven multilingual voice interaction unique visitor experiences.
  • Offers both online and offline AI models for flexibility and data security.
  • Standard Option: Choose from ten diverse avatars of all ages, at no extra charge.
    • Pick a predefined voice.
    • Upload your database in PDF format.
  • Custom Option (custom quotation based on complexity): Opt for a 3D scan for a personalized avatar.
    • Create an avatar visually identical to you.
    • Customize voice and images for a unique experience.
  • Online AI:
    • Internet connection required for the latest AI innovations.
    • Billed per query, linked to your ChatGPT account without extra fees.
    • Only pay for usage at ChatGPT rates.
    • Load corporate knowledge base (pdf file)
    • Includes fast graphics card and latest technology in a turnkey solution.
    • Hardware specification:
      • Max 500w 110v/ 220v
      • High quality microphone
      • Built-in speaker
      • Push to talk button
  • Offline AI:
    • Local AI innovations in a disconnected system for privacy-focused businesses.
    • Avoids IT/legal barriers with rapid, secure data handling.
    • No recurring fees or obsolescence.
    • Optimized for the fastest local AI hosting capabilities.
    • Load corporate knowledge base (pdf file)
    • Hardware specification:
      • Max 1000w 110v/ 220v
      • High quality microphone
      • Built-in speaker
      • Push to talk button
  • 3D Box : 22 inch screen
  • Compact Model: 70×70 cm, weighing 12 kg, ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Life-Size Model: 1.8 meters tall, 40 kg, for full human-size holographic projections.

🚀 Get in touch with a human🌟

Artificial Intelligence past projects:

  • Custom large knowledge base AI.
  • Voice cloning in multi-languages.
  • Output to Robotic interface or Augmented reality 3D.

Artificial Intelligence showcase :

ORLAN, RASPIAUDIO & : Introducing the ORLAN-oïde V2

In an unprecedented collaboration between the illustrious artist ORLAN and the technical pioneers at RASPIAUDIO, we’re thrilled to unveil the ORLAN-oïde V2 at the world-renowned Biennale of São Paulo:

Engage with an AI deeply rooted in ORLAN’s extensive artistic legacy.

Revel in multilingual interactions, as ORLAN-oïde fluently communicates in Portuguese, English, and French.

Experience unparalleled realism with a voice echoing ORLAN herself.

This exhibition, where ORLAN’s artistic brilliance meets RASPIAUDIO’s technological expertise, offers attendees of the Biennale of São Paulo a unique glimpse into the future of art and AI.

AI and audio developments: RASPIAUDIO.COM Jason Cook – Olivier Ros

211 Avenue Jean Jaurès

75019 Paris,