ESP Muse Mn Cast (white)

This prodcut is Available on Amazon. See link in the descriptions.


Available on Amazon, if we are out of stock send us a message on the contact form to be notified.

Don‘t trash your old Hifi system! Upgrade it with the Mn Cast device!

This device is designed to plug on your old stereo system and add modern connectivity such as Bluetooth, Airplay, Local Streaming, Home Assistant support and much more. It is using an ESP32 wrover and a high quality DAC, and comes with Squeezelite preloaded.

With features such as a high quality 32 bits 384kHz DAC, Analog jack output, Optical digital output, 1.3 inch monochrome Oled display, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, Rotary encoder with push button, Infrared receiver, SD card, USB C, 1 programmable RGB LED, and a nice case, the Mn Cast device is the perfect way to upgrade your old Hifi system. Get yours today on Amazon!


Software it will come pre-loaded with Squeezelite and pre-configured.

Mn is the Chemical symbol for Manganese, 25th in the periodic tables of elements, just after Chrome number 24th ))

Specification :

  • High quatily 32 bits 384kHz DAC
  • Analog jack output (line level)
  • Digital optical output (mini-TOSLINK)
  • ESP32 Wrover based : 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n up to 150 Mbps
  • Bluetooth 4.2 LE
  • SD card
  • USB C
  • Infrared receiver (to use it a remote control)
  • 1.3 inch monochrome Oled display
  • 1 programmable RGB LED
  • Rotary encoder with push button
  • A nice case
  • ON/OFF button
  • Possibility to plug an optional I2S microphone

See the installation guide here

Check out our online loader to test different applications, you just need a Chrome browser ! note that to load the firmware you might need to hold the silver button.

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