Modular Midi Controller

Modulox are magnetic modules that snaps together to built
a midi controller surface that you really need.

  • Connect up to 16 Modulox controller to create your midi control surface
  • 8 RGB LEDs provide feedback on encoder status
  • Use presets of all major music creation software : Abelton / Sonar / Base
  • Use the USB midi Midi standard
  • List ItemCompatible with Mac / Linux / Chromebooks / Chrome extension / Led color / Midi note
  • Configure all modes such as sampling, bitbox ... customize the colors of leds. Midi-out (jack) / Sequencer / Midi USB 
  • Small sequencer 64 steps / 4 channels for each
  • 8 capacitive touch
  • 8 backlighted RGB buttons

Highly sensitive, this module is perfect to control step sequencers or make rythms in live sessions.

  • 2 sliders
  • 2 backlighted RGB buttons

Those sliders are perfect to control volume or cross-faders. 

  • 4 infinite knobs, no dents
  • 4 backlighted RGB knobs
  • 4 switch knobs

Highly versatile with his push endless encoders, this module can control almost evrything, from effects to track controls, arpeggiators and even scratch jogs !

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